Family Vacation Under $2000 For 4 -

Family Vacation Under $2000 For 4

If spending vacations traveling is on the mind, how can there be an any better place than the USA? Consider spending holidays here will make them the most memorable ones as it offers you numerous places to visit. The USA is one of the year-round travel attraction for tourists. But, finding a vacation spot that can be enjoyed by all present in your family can be tough if you are on a tight budget. Here is a list of places where you can have a fun family vacation for four under $2000.


Yellowstone National Park, USA: Family Vacation

A visit to Yellowstone national park is a fun experience to see the variety of animals living in the scorching climate of the park. It is home to many animals like Elk that you can find here in abundance. The park hosts an annual Yellowstone Plein Air Invitational event for allowing visitors to indulge in art and culture. There are demonstrations, painting workshops and gathering of artists on this 2-day event. The park charges $800 per person, including stay and meals. A regular visit would cost only $650 for a private tour including instructor and stay. Traveling to Yellowstone National Park is indeed the best way to spend a family vacation for four under $2000.

Washington D.C: Family Vacation

Location: Washington D.C, USA
Washington, D.C. is a perfect spot for a family vacation for four under $2000. You can go for a classic tour of the white house, followed by art galleries, U.S. Capitol, Smithsonian National Museum and so on. The best time to visit is from March to April. During this time the National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. You can also go for a shopping spree in the vibrant markets here. The city connects well with public transportation systems. You do not have to bother about the travel and stay in Washington D.C as it is all readily available at cheap rates.

Grand Canyon

Location: Arizona, USA
The Grand Canyon is a famous tourist spot in northern Arizona which stretches over 18 miles in width and one-mile depth. This place gets more than 6 million visitors per month. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. There are hiking trails and many adventurous activities to participate here. Grand Canyon can be your next location if you are planning on a family vacation for four under $2000. The best time to visit is during summer as the temperature is below the 80s. The Grand Canyon is a must-visit for your family if you are into adventure and camping.


San Diego

Location: San Diego, USA
San Diego is the best place for a peaceful family vacation with its beaches and several fun activities which parents and kids can equally enjoy. It is one of the best spring break destinations for a family. You can roam around in shorts and flip flops and eat a variety of cuisines. This location is famous for a large number of tourists flocking in for a leisure trip. San Diego is one of the best places for a family vacation in a comfortable budget.

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