Why Should You Carry A handkerchief? Know here Why Should You Carry A handkerchief? Know here

Why Should You Carry A Handkerchief? Know here


If you are wondering whether Handkerchief is good as compared to tissues? Then, you are in the right place. You may see handkerchief as an ordinary piece of cloth, but it is an essential item for your daily routine. Hankey’s are environment-friendly than tissues. Use them in place of tissues. They are suitable for your face and the environment.

Hankey is pretty useful and handy. Men and women carry a handbag in which they keep their hankey. Also, many people put a hankey inside their jeans or shirt pocket. They are so handy to keep anywhere and does not need ample space. Keeping a hankey is a better option than carrying a set of tissues. One hankey is enough, and it will last for a long time.

Why Should You Carry A Handkerchief? Know here
Why Should You Carry A Handkerchief? Know here

Benefits Of Using A Handkerchief:

Good For The environment:

Tissue paper is just a paper, and as you know, the paper is made out of trees. Half a liter of water is needed to manufacture a single tissue. So, it is clear that using a tissue is not at all environment-friendly. All that water, all those chemicals, trees, distribution, storage, and packaging costs a lot to the environment. On the flip side, using handkerchief is very economical. As you can use it again and again after a wash. It’s a good option for nature and your nose.

Made Of Cotton:

One of the most amazing things about using handkerchief is that is is made of pure cotton. Which makes them more durable and absorbent than other options. It can easily survive hundreds of sneezes and hundreds of washes. It is very easy and comfortable to wash a hankey, and it becomes more compatible and softer after every wash.

The Many Uses Of A Handkerchief!

Face Blotter

With the help of a hankey, you can mop your neck and brow or dab the excess sweat, remove your makeup. It is essential to carry a hankey with you in the summer season. As we experience more sweat in summer, so do not forget to carry a handkerchief.

Neck Cooler

Fif, it’s a sunny bright day, wetting your hanky in water and placing it around your neck or head will give you a fresh feeling. Also Wearing a hanky around the neck has become a style statement these days.


You can put your handkerchief as a Headband or bandanna to add a style in your overall appearance. Make sure to use a clean hanky. It not only looks good on your outfit but also saves you from sweating off.

5pcs/Lot Baby Square Handkerchief

Why Should You Carry A Hankerchief? Know here
Why Should You Carry A Handkerchief? Know here

If you have a small baby at your home, you can get a set of baby handkerchief. It is perfect for both mother and baby, who are incredibly sophisticated when it comes to the child’s belongings.


Carrying a hanky is essential; thus, keep a large piece of the hanky, and you can do a lot with it. You can wrap around your hand; you can wrap your good. If you do not have containers, you can make use of hanky.

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